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Bacchus Marsh
Avenue of Honour

Honour to whom Honour is Due

The Bacchus Marsh & District Historical Society have published a book with the above title detailing the volunteers from the Bacchus Marsh & District.

Lyle, Bradfield, & Bradfield, Katrina. (2018). Honour to whom Honour is Due : Bacchus Marsh & district volunteers 1914-1918 / Katrina Lyle & Katrina Bradfield. Bacchus Marsh, Victoria: Bacchus Marsh & District Historical Society Inc.

This book can be purchased from the BMDHS online shop or the Historical Society of Victoria.

Below is a list of all the names in that book with some brief details to enable you see if there is someone listed that you want more details for.
The link in brackets is to those in the Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour.


Adams, Francis Luke
Alfred, William Rupert
Allen, George Edwin
Allan, John William
Allan, William John Hutchison
Allen, Bertie Horace
Almond, Garnsey Meade
Almond, James Meade
Anderson, Alfred Frank
Anderson, Henry John
Anderson, Hector Gordon
Anderson, Keith Forsythe
Anderson, Leslie William Charles
Anderson, Norman Leslie
Anderson MM DCM, Thomas Australia
Anderson, William Alexander
Armstrong, Alexander Murry
Armstrong, Thomas Merrifield
Ashley, Walter Cyrus Jason
Barrett, Alfred
Barry, Clement Ignatius
Barry, Henry Theophilus
Barry, Patrick
Barry, Patrick Cecil
Barry, Percival Gregory
Barry, Richard Kevin
Beggs, Joseph Samuel
Bence, George Forsyth
Bennett, James Richard
Bennett, William
Bird, Charles William
Bird MM, Lionel Edgar
Blake, Edwin
Blake, Hector Norman
Blake, William Henry
Booth, Thomas Hart
Booth, William Chapman