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Bacchus Marsh
Avenue of Honour

The original Avenue was planted on the 26th of June 1918 almost two months before the Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour was planted. The trees did not do well and those that remained were consumed by construction of Lake Merrimu.

The Avenue has been re-planted along part of the Diggers Rest - Coimadai Road and a memorial erected at the Merrimu Reservoir Picnic Area.

A book, COIMADAI 129, has also been published with details of WW1 enlistees with a connection to Coimadai.

Names from Coimadai 129

Love, Margaret. & Clarke, Bernice. (2015). Coimadai 129 : WW 1 enlistees with a Coimadai district connection. Long Forest, Victoria : Coimadai Avenue of Honour Restoration Association Inc.

Alkemade, Peter Lambert NAA

Allan, John William also in BMAOH

Allan, William John Hutchison also in BMAOH

Anderson, Arthur Fair NAA

Anderson, Gordon Fraser NAA

Anderson, Thomas NAA

Barnes, Isaac George

Bartrop, John Henry NAA

Bartrop, Robert Miller NAA

Bennett, James Richard also in BMAOH

Bennett, William also in BMAOH

Bourke, James Cassimer also in BMAOH

Buckley, James also in BMAOH

Buckley, William also in BMAOH

Burton, Percy NAA

Cameron, Alasdair NAA

Cameron, Colin Henry NAA

Cameron, Evan Hugh NAA

Cameron, Neil Wilson NAA

Campbell, Archibald Neil also in BMAOH

Campbell, Gordon Leslie also in BMAOH

Campbell, Henry Hodson also in BMAOH

Campbell, John Henderson also in BMAOH

Campbell, William Annesley also in BMAOH

Cannon, Thomas Joseph NAA

Carmichael, James NAA

Casper, Frederick also in BMAOH

Chenu, Edward William NAA

Chenu, Frank Athelston NAA

Chenu, Frederick Walter NAA

Clark, Archbold also in BMAOH

Clark, David NAA

Clark, Archbold also in BMAOH

Clarke, John

Coglan, David James also in BMAOH

Coglan, Michael Bernard also in BMAOH

Connell, James Daniel also in BMAOH

Connell, William Henry also in BMAOH

Cosgrove, James also in BMAOH

Cosgrove, Martin also in BMAOH

Cosgrove, Thomas Patrick NAA

Cox, Oswald Mervyn George NAA

Cox, William Henry NAA

Doubleday, Clive Hunter NAA

Doubleday, William Henry NAA

Drever, William Alexander also in BMAOH

Ellis, Henry Arthur Mathew NAA

Evans, Leslie John

Farrell, John Sydney NAA

Foster, Harcourt Livingston NAA

Gault, Raymont Wightman NAA

Geyer, Henry Charles NAA

Geyer, William Christian NAA

Gibbons, James NAA

Gould, Benjanin NAA

Gould, Grattan NAA

Gould, Grattan Robert NAA

Hales, Ted

Hider, George Valentine NAA

Hjorth, Ralph

Hoare, Thomas NAA

Hogg, Robert John also in BMAOH

Hogg, William George NAA

Hunter, Thomas Edward NAA

Irvine, Geoffrey Robert NAA

Johansen, James also in BMAOH

Johansen, John Edward also in BMAOH

Johansen, William

Jurd, Owen Pearson NAA

Keating, Henry Ernest NAA

Keily, William Patrick NAA

Kennelly, James Martin also in BMAOH

Kerr, Grant McDonald also in BMAOH

Lachmund, Allan Sydney Last NAA

Laidlaw, David NAA

Mackay, Norman Alexander NAA

Markham, Andrew NAA

Markham, James Stephan NAA

Markham, Jeremiah NAA

Markham, Stephan Arthur NAA

McCarthy, Rosina

McCashney, Edward Henry NAA

McCashney, George Sutherland NAA

McCashney, John Weir NAA

McCorkell, Samuel John Thomas NAA

McLeod, Donald NAA

McLeod, John Stanley NAA

McLeod, Peter NAA

McPherson, Robert John NAA

Osborne (McPherson), Sydney James also in BMAOH

Missen, Alexander Peter NAA

Murdoch, Alexander also in BMAOH

O'Hara, Arthur Nicholas Alfred NAA

Osborne, John Henry NAA

Osborne, Percy Beaumont also in BMAOH

Oswin, Percy also in BMAOH

Pay, Sydney William NAA

Pedrana, Ernest David NAA

Rawlinson, Thomas also in BMAOH

Rogers, George

Rogers, William also in BMAOH

Russel, Frederick also in BMAOH

Russell, Ivan John also in BMAOH

Russell, Robert Joseph also in BMAOH

Scott, William

Skene, Thomas Hamilton also in BMAOH

Smith, George Alexander Gordon NAA

Smyth, John Charles also in BMAOH

Snowdon, Percy Claude NAA

Snowdon, Stanley Gordon NAA

Summers, Reginald Henry NAA

Taylor, Robert Ralston NAA

Tedcastle, Alex George NAA

Thom, William NAA

Tilley, Albert Samuel

Todd, Colin McKellar also in BMAOH

Todd, Colin McKellar also in BMAOH

Todd, William Joseph also in BMAOH

Tyrell, Joseph NAA

Tyrell, Thomas

Tyrell, William NAA

Usher, James NAA

UsherUsher, James (Jimmie) Walter Henry also in BMAOH

Wilson, David NAA

Wilson, James [William] NAA

Wilson, John James NAA

Wilson, Robert NAA

Wynne, Robert NAA