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Bacchus Marsh
Avenue of Honour

Lieutenant Packington Joseph Vallence

Service No.:
13th Light Horse Regiment
Tree No.:
Planted by:
M Vallence (Mother)
Image of plaque on tree N263 for Packington Vallence
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Packington was born on the 20th of January 1877 in Bacchus Marsh, VIC to James Vallence and Margaret McGrath. He married Catherine Theresa Maloney in 1906. Packington had a brother William, who is also remembered in the Avenue.

portrait of Packington Valence
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Courtesy of
Bacchus Marsh RSL

Packington enlisted with the 1st Victorian Mounted Infantry in 1899 and arrived in South Africa in November, returning to Australia in November 1900, invalided - he is listed on the Bacchus Marsh Boer War Memorial. He joined the Victorian Mounted Rifles and rose to Corporal, Sergeant, Sergeant-Major and finally 2nd Lieutenant with the 29th Light Horse Regiment.

Packington was an orchardist in Bacchus Marsh, VIC when appointed 2nd Lieutenant in the AIF, 6th Reinforcements, 4th Light Horse Regiment on the 23rd of April 1915, aged 39. He embarked aboard the HMAT A40 Ceramic in June, arriving in Egypt some time later, landing at Gallipoli in October and returning to Egypt in late December - before landing at Gallipoli he wrote a letter(3). In January 1916 Packington was promoted to Lieutenant and two months later was posted to the 1st Division Cavalry and embarked from Egypt.

Packington disembarked at Marseilles, France in late March 1916 and two months later was with the I ANZAC Mounted Regiment. A further two months later he was with the II ANZAC Mounted Regiment - in the 4th Light Horse. In late September he was detached for duty with the Commander, Royal Engineers - at Armentieres, France - until December when he was granted two weeks leave in France. Packington attended a school of instruction for three weeks in May. In June he was briefly detached to a salvage party before being detached for two months with the 2nd ANZAC, anti-aircraft section, after which he was granted ten days leave. In October and November he was again briefly detached to the anti-aircraft section before obtaining two weeks leave in Paris in January 1918. In March 1918 he was seconded for duty with the Light Horse Training Depot in England - he spent a week in hospital with influenza upon arriving in England. Packington rejoined the II ANZAC Mounted Regiment in France in late October and in December transferred to the 13th Light Horse Regiment.

He retuned to England in April 1919 and embarked aboard the Mahia in June, returning to Australia in mid July. His appointment with the AIF was terminated in September.

In 1920 Packington was promoted to Captain in the 29th Light Horse Regiment before transferring to the 19th in 1921. In 1922 he was a supernumery and recieved the pay of a Lieutenant. Packington was still with the 19th Light Horse Regiment when he died in December 1926 at Caufield, VIC, aged 49.

He is listed on the Shire of Bacchus Marsh Roll of Honour, the Bacchus Marsh & District Roll of Honour and the Roll of Honour for the Bacchus Marsh ANA.


  1. He embarked with the 4th Light Horse and spent time in the I ANZAC Mounted Regiment then the II ANZAC. He transferred to the 13th Light Horse just before returning to Australia, rejoining the 29th Light Horse after discharge and finally transferring to the 19th Light Horse.
  2. He was a Lieutenant in the AIF but was promoted to Captain after discharge.
  3. The Bacchus Marsh Express 13 Nov 1915

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